Design of life


For over 25 years I had my design studio

For over 25 years I had my successful design studio before I decided to run the B&B full time. I designed a myriad of projects – from nightclubs to exhibitions at the Royal Palace, private apartments to teapots. I’ve always been fascinated by how much people’s lives can be enhanced by simply redesigning their surroundings. My designs for the B&B have been influenced by years of experience. Whenever there’s an opportunity to design something for the B&B, I will get out my design kit and get back to the drawing board! While staying at the B&B you will encounter many of my designs; bathrooms, tables, cupboards… more recently also the breakfast plates and even the breakfast presentation, a ‘Surtout de Table’. In 2018 all this hard work was rewarded by winning the award ‘Best Design Hotel in The Netherlands’!